Stefan Janoski is an American professional skateboarder, artist, writer and musician, well known for his signature Nike SB shoe model, the “Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski”.

Personal life and skateboarding

He was born in Vacaville, California in 1979. He started skateboarding with his neighborhood friends at the age of 13. That’s when his interest in skateboarding and design started to grow.

The skate scene in Vacaville around 1992 was around 12 people or less. At my school, it was me and one or two other skaters. Mostly I skated with my friends Josh Jameson, Brian Glosser and a few guys who were 40 or 50 years older than me. Either that or I would skate by myself on an asphalt country road.

In an August 2013 interview, Janoski provided a description of the Vacaville skateboard scene.

Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski

Among followers of professional skateboarding, Janoski is known for his “switch-stance” and casual style. Following the formation of the Nike Skateboarding (Nike SB) brand in 2002, Janoski got the opportunity to design his own signature shoe model.

First released in 2009, the “Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski” gained worldwide popularity and got great success. Chill and comfy, Janoski’s shoes soon became a “classic”. Eventually, over the course of its history, the range of his signature shoe has notched over 1,500 different versions and counting.

The 10th anniversary

Last year marked the 10th anniversary of the popular shoe. As Nike and Janoski celebrated the occasion, a commemorative video produced by Godfrey Dadich Partners unveils that the partnership didn’t begin as smoothly as the company may have expected.

Nike SB | Stefan Janoski | For Daily Use

Furthermore, Janoski personalized the boxes of 25 pairs, along with a limited number of Habitat Skateboards. To explain, he signed and sealed each box and included a piece of the unique art inside. In detail, after each trick the skateboarder performed with the shoebox in hand, he personalized the inside of the box with the name of the trick he did and a related illustration.

Stefan Janoski on Instagram

Buy yourself a pair of Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski at your local Nike shop or online.

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