When someone tells me that there is not enough time for everything, I always counter it with the thesis that Beyonce also has 24 hours a day. In addition to taking hit after hit and having loyal fans, she is a wife and mother who never stops working. How much energy this woman has! She writes songs, composes, acts as an actress, and even recently, in her interview, she shared that she sings while running on the path so she can do her best when she is on stage. On top of that, she also has her fashion brand, inspired by her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter – Ivy Park. “Park” comes from Parkwood Park in Houston where she has long been training her physical and mental strength. She tells Elle magazine:

“In the morning, before waking up, my dad used to come knocking on the door and telling me it was time to run. I remember wanting to stop, but I was forced to keep going. That taught me discipline. And I focused on my dreams. I thought about the sacrifices my parents made for me. I thought about my little sister and how I was her character. I watched the beauty around me, the sun shining through the trees. I kept breathing. There are things I’m still afraid of. When I have to overcome these things, I return to this park again. Before I get on stage, I think back to this park. When it was time to give birth, I returned to this park again. The park has become a state of mind. The park has become my strength. The park is what made me who I am. Where is your park? “

The story of her brand begins in 2016 under the wing of fashion giant Topshop. They mainly offer sportswear at prices between $ 20 and $ 200. Their joint work does not last long because of the scandal. The British newspaper The Sun has published information that workers who make clothes for Ivy Park in Sri Lanka receive less than the daily minimum. Many people are scandalized by this fact because it is Beyonce who fights for women’s rights and some of her songs are dedicated to feminist beliefs. Despite these developments, it turns out that workers receive $ 6.17, which is several times the minimum in Sri Lanka – $ 2.68.

Now Ivy Park is ready to come back with a new look and ideas, and Beyonce is the sole owner of the brand since their separation from Topshop. The new concept is to include gender-inclusive designs. The singer herself says that this is her idea because she sees many men wearing Ivy Park, although the original idea was for women only.

Last December, the world-famous star posted videos and photos on her Instagram account to promote her first brand collaboration, not with anyone but Adidas. The collection will include not only clothes and shoes, but also various accessories, and what we have seen looks more than promising. It will go on sale on January 18th. You can watch the promo video here.

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