Who is Wild Drawing aka WD?

Wild Drawing aka WD is a very famous street artist born in Bali, Indonesia, who has studied art and is a graduate in both  Fine Arts and  Applied Arts. He started his urban artist career in the 2000s and from that time he spends most of his time painting in the streets all around the world, working also in his workshop.
WD has carried out solo exhibitions, and participated in group shows or graffiti/street art festivals, in Asia, Europe and America.
You can discover his artworks in many street art and graffiti books such as books edited by Éditions Alternatives, Thames & Hudson … His style is unique and easily recognizable. Most likely originated from his East-West cultural background.
He especially loves very large walls, by creating monumental artworks with spray paint and also roller brush.

Wild Drawing aka WD Interview:

Hi WD, it’s a great pleasure to meet you. Can you tell us where you from and from what age did you discover your love of art?
I’m from Bali Indonesia and currently, I’m based in Athens, Greece. I was always attracted by art; art plays an important role in our culture and is part of our everyday life in Bali. I chose the Art High School and then I got my degree in the School of Fine Arts and later in Applied Arts.

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have a specific intention or message in your work?
For me to paint in the street is expression, choice, and desire for communication. So almost always there is a message, and fortunately, there are recipients. What helps is the fact that basically my works are realistic and their themes beyond borders, religions, different cultures, etc. So whatever the message is – social, ecological or just tricksy – it’s easily understood by anybody; whether he/she agrees with it or not. As for inspiration, mainly comes from everyday life, nature, art, and social phenomena.

Do you always incorporate you’re fine arts skills within your artworks?
Yeah, this is my intention at least.

Do you have future projects? Exhibitions? Art fests?
At the moment I’m working on my next solo show a 400 m2 indoor mural at Naturhistorisches Museum in Basel, Switzerland, as part of Culturescapes2017. And then some other confirmed invitations here and there, until spring.

Would you like to say something in particular to Street Art Lovers?
Keep supporting the artists by any means; people’s support is very important to us in order to continue what we are doing.

Source: https://streetart360.net/

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