Street Art is still a boys’ club ? I don’t think so ! There are many of talented street artists around the world who are women … and the aliases they use don’t always speak to their gender.

Here are 20 female artists with incredible talent who are breaking the stereotype!

1. Christina Angelina is an internationally renowned artist who was born, raised and is now based in Venice, California.

2. Vinie Graffiti: is a French street artist based in Montreuil / Paris

3. Julia Volchkova: Born in Nizhnevartovsk in Siberia (Russia) in 1987

4. Faith 47: is an internationally acclaimed street artist who is living in Cape Town, South Africa

5. Jamin Aka Hera – from Herakut duo:  Jasmin Siddiqui is a German street artist  born in Frankfurt.

6. Alice Pasquini: is an Italian street artist born in Roma.

7. Miss Van: is a French street artist born in 1973 in Toulouse

8. Swoon is a contemporary American street artist best known for her illustrative portraiture.

9. Liliwenn is French street artist based in Brittany – France

10. Ju Violeta is a Brazilian female street artist

To be continued..

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