The upcoming IKEA x OFF-WHITE collaboration, featuring Virgil Abloh’s signature branding, is all about making an affordable collection for millennials.

IKEA x OFF-WHITE first look

When IKEA dropped the first official image of the IKEA x OFF-WHITE collaboration, it showed what looked to be a rug with the words “STILL LOADING” across it and “Flooring” in the bottom-right corner. The Americana-esque image used looked strikingly like some of Supreme collaborator Jim Krantz’s work.

IKEA x OFF-WHITE release date

After the news that the collection will come sometime in 2019, IKEA confirmed that it will drop in November. Additionally, rumors are circulating that the collection will release via pop-ups happening as soon as this month.


The collection had its reveal at IKEA’s Democratic Design Day. Official prices for select pieces were on display at the press unveiling of the collection.

Individual piece prices

  • Table – €279 (approximately $320)
  • Chair – €70 ($80)
  • Chaise lounge – €100 ($115)
  • Cushion for chaise lounge – €100 ($115)
  • Additional cushions will either be €10 ($11.50) or €13 ($15)
  • “WET GRASS” rug – €229 ($263)
  • “STILL LOADING”, “KEEP OFF”, “BLUE”, and “GREY” rugs will retail for between €79 ($91) and €229 ($263)
  • Receipt rug – €59 ($68)
  • Distortion mirror – €159 ($183)
  • Abloh’s take on the Mona Lisa – €49 ($56)
  • Temporary clock – €25 ($29)
  • “SCULPTURE” bag – €10 ($11.50) for the smaller one, €13 ($15) for the larger one

The collection is for millennials moving into their first home

Abloh said that “MARKERAD” will target millennials who are moving into their first home, hence the affordability.

We’re looking at that first phase of adult life when you start making purchases for your space. Largely people grow up in their parents’ environment. They’ve never had to consider furniture. Then when they’re off on their own and have their own aesthetic, what are their first purchases? I’m interested in thinking about how those purchases are informed.

Statement by Virgil Abloh for the collection

IKEA echoed this sentiment via a statement on their website, which reads, “together, IKEA and OFF-WHITE look for ways to help create a home for millennials who are just starting out their lives.”

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