The book “Street Art Belgrade” by Aleksandar Djordjevic (Belgrade Graffiti) was first time presented at the exhibition “Face Au Mur” that took place at the Serbian culture center in Paris a while back.
The aim of the exhibition “Face au mur” and the book “Street art Belgrade” from which the artwork was exhibited was to present the amazing street art of Belgrade.

Street art in this city is exposed to time and emotions, and whit this book the desire to preserve this specific art form, to document it and make it more visible because it represents an indispensable part of the urban surrounding and vibrant, artistic part of Belgrade. The book “Street Art Belgrade” and the exhibition “Face au mur” are the most comprehensive overview of street art in the Serbian capital, both stylistically and historically and they will take you on amazing walk trough streets of Belgrade.

Must mention is the street artist Jens, who brought a new style from Parisian streets to Belgrade, and thus revived and launched the street art of the 90s, which was almost dead due to the political and economic difficulties that the country was going through. Famous Parisian artists have visited Belgrade and left their artwork on the walls of the city (Black le Rat, REMED) on the walls, and many Serbian artists spent time in Paris, where they acquired new insights and inspiration for their street art.

 Street Art and Graffiti  in Belgrade Photo Gallery  :

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