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Street art.. most beautiful decoration on the common alleys, concrete buildings, river bridges, railway stations, trains… And it can be found all over the world. Street art comes in varying shapes and forms, from sculptures to“yarn bombing”,  and contains everything from graffiti fonts family to windows display and far more.

Here follows part 4 of the most popular graffiti around the globe:

16. Fallen 9000 

British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss accompanied by 60 volunteers and 500 local residents, took to the beaches of Normandy and etched 9000 fallen soldier silhouettes into the sand using rakes and stencils. This work was made to contribute International Peace Day back in 2013.  The piece was washed away by the tide after only a few hours, but created a lasting impact.

This inspiring tribute to fallen soldiers only managed to last a few hours

17. DALeast

DALeast Chinese artist who spread his distinctive 3D technique of street art across public spaces all over the world. The artist paints creatures that appear to have been wrought from twisted metal. His pieces are instantly recognizable and burst with energy.

DALeast’s 3D style is instantly recognizable

18. Pez

Street artist Pez (Spanish for fish) started painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona. Wanting to find a way to communicate and spread good vibes to the people of the city, Pez decided that his signature mark would be a fish character with a huge smile.

Since then, the artist has gone on to gain international recognition, exhibiting his work all around the globe. The last few years has also seen him create several new characters, including demons, angels and Martians. All have one thing in common – a huge and infectious smile.

Pez began painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona

19. David de la Mano

Spanish artist David de la Mano creates striking and often slightly unsettling street art based around silhouettes. This typically creepy piece is entitled Silent Sound.

Spanish artist David de la Mano creates amazing monochromatic street art

20. NeSpoon

Polish artist NeSpoon Although famous by her traditional murals,  she also creates street art that’s a little different. Beside her paintings, NeSpoon also decorates buildings with cobweb-like doilies, and etches intricate designs into cement.

Polish artist NeSpoon decorates Warsaw with beautifully intricate patterns

To be continued..

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