Here’s our selection of very new street art and urban art masterpieces for 2018.
Including: Adnate, Kali, Seth Globepainter, Nautil, Hifione, Milu Correch, Julieta XLF, Bifido, Mantra, Ernesto Maranje, Ou35, Cosmo Sarson, JR Art, Fin Dac, Hopare, Jeremiah, Wasp Elder, Helen Bur, Alexis Diaz, Mariela Ajras, Rojo, Rone, SNIK, Banksy, Caiozzama, Ospen Ink Crew, Ramzee and C215.
Street Art and urban art in: New Zealand, Cambodia, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Ukraine, Bosnia, UK, France, India, USA, Argentina, Chile, …

Collab Adnate and Jessica Crema aka Kali. Tauranga, New Zealand

Artwork by French street artist Julien Malland aka Seth Globepainter. Cambodia

“Diego l’ Lego”
Artwork by Cyrille Corlays aka Näutil.

New mural by German street artist Denis Klatt aka Hifione in Bochum, Germany (Wright / Urban Art Festival)

Urban art masterpiece by French street artist Mantra. Bogota, Colombia

“What The River Divides, The Sky Combines”
Artwork by Ou35 in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

Artwork by French street artist JR art. London, UK

Street Art mural by Rojo.

“Geelong Silos”
Artwork by Rone, famous Australian street artist.

Street art mural by Caiozzama. Santiago, Chile

Mural by Ramzee.

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