Bobby Kim, better known as Bobby Hundreds and the co-founder of streetwear brand The Hundreds, released a book titled, This Is Not a T-Shirt.

Bobby Hundreds has long been an eminent figure in street culture. Furthermore, he’s a true advocate of preserving and growing the community aspect of street culture. In fact, The Hundreds, was one of the first brands to push streetwear’s presence towards the edge of pop culture. As a result of the many collaborations with big cultural entities like Adidas, Garfield, and Heavy Metal, streetwear is where it’s at today.

This Is Not a T-shirt captures what Bobby has already spoken about through his blog and on social media. Specifically, he talks about the beginnings of The Hundreds and what it’s like growing a business. He also talks about what streetwear really is and what it should be about. In other words, the book is about forming and growing communities.

In an interview with HYPEBEAST, Bobby talks about his motivations behind writing the book and the pivotal players in the early days of streetwear. He also talks about the community and what streetwear is as a fashion category.

Bobby Hundreds in an interview with HYPEBEAST

Yes, streetwear is about people over product.

This Is Not a T-Shirt by Bobby Hundreds is available on Amazon. You can also find it at Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and various independent bookstores. And there’s an audiobook on Audible, narrated by Bobby himself.

Below is a readable sample excerpt from one of the book’s chapters:

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