Celebrate the holidays with Halloween Town’s most beloved characters illustrated in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” special Vans collection!

About the collection

This special Vans collection offers 10-piece footwear complemented by a range of apparel and accessories. In detail, Vans designers highlight a variety of film moments and character bounding interpretations that honor Vans and Disney’s long collaboration.

Jack’s Lament

Arguably the most iconic scene, Jack’s Lament is on the Sk8-Hi. Specifically, each of the four panels showcases a frame from Jack’s walk through the Halloween Town cemetery. A special message that reads “Nice Work, Bone Daddy” on the inside collar completes the design. Additionally, the Jack Pull-Over Hoodie features a special rendition of Jack’s Lament with a Checkerboard spiral hill.

Jack Skellington and Sally

Disney bounding fans can channel the film’s beloved couple, Jack Skellington and Sally. The Pumpkin King’s ghostly suit, including cat and batwing applique, is mimicked on the Classic Slip-On, while Dr. Finkelstein’s master humanoid creation, Sally, receives her very own Era Stacked silhouette and Sally Patchwork Crew. Inspired by her very creation, each style has various prints from her dress. Moreover, the Era Stacked features hand-stitched detailed as a nod to Sally’s unique beauty. 

Oogie Boogie and his trio of henchmen

The Classic Slip-On and long sleeve tee showcase emblematic elements from Oogie Boogie’s underground lair. In particular, dice and skull graphics on the sidewall and sleeves of each silhouette. Honoring his place in the moonlit night, fans can find Oogie Boogie’s shadow peeking from the sidewall of the Classic Slip-On. Oogie Boogie’s trio of henchmen – Lock, Shock, and Barrel, can be found on the Old Skool and panels of an Era. 

Vans combine all-day comfort and classic style with the ComfyCush Authentic. These shoes feature all of the characters from the film layered on a Checkerboard backdrop. Halloween Town favorites are all over the collection, which is available for fans of all ages.

The Vans and Disney Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” collection is available to shop in Vans dealers, Vans stores and online.

This article was originally written by VANS.

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