Some of the most beloved streetwear brands are popping up again in collaboration. Nike and Supreme announced their new shared collection while ago. Obviously, things are happening very fast for them, because the world premiere online and in real shops is on November 29th. Only in Japan will it be a day later.

Items include both sweatshirts and tracksuits, as well as baseball tops. The predominant material is leather, but if you are not a fan of it, there are also cotton clothes. Also included are 14-carat jewelry, including a Nike logo ring, bandanas, sunglasses, and padded hooded jackets. For the silhouettes of the clothes, they rely on classics made in a new way.

The Octavian rapper, with French and British roots, was chosen as the face of the campaign. His style is a mix of different flavors. The Fader describes his sound as a combination of rap, house, and British gerrymandering. Highsnobiety, however, said to be “too British to be considered a ladder and too American to be considered a make-up”. Whatever the young artist does as he is known, he is gaining more and more popularity.

Some of his most famous songs are Bet, Move me with Mura Massa and Party here, which makes him popular – for a video of Drake singing it. It also has its own Boiler room. In fashion, the public is known for participating in the debut of Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton. Later, even a statue of the rapper appears in the Los Angeles brand’s store.

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