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Street art.. most beautiful decoration on the common alleys, concrete buildings, river bridges, railway stations, trains… And it can be found all over the world. Street art comes in varying shapes and forms, from sculptures to“yarn bombing”,  and contains everything from graffiti fonts family to windows display and far more.

Here follows part 8 of the most popular graffiti around the globe:

36. Guerrilla Gardeners

This project saw sneaky gardeners making it their mission to turn our streets a greener place. The team behind Guerrilla Gardening became a global hub, with planting taking place in cities from London to Beirut. The collective carried out their work during the night.

Guerrilla Gardeners are on a mission to make our streets a greener place

37. Kello Goeller

Kello Goeller took pixel art into a new dimension in this awesome sculpture. The piece, entitled Pixel Pour 2.0, was created from wood and latex and could be found on Mercer Street in New York. Goeller is a multidisciplinary performance artist, and can currently be found crafting ‘dreamscapes’ in Portland.

Kello Goeller brought pixel art to the streets of New York

38. Invader

French UFA (‘unidentified free artist’) Invader has been invading cities across the world with his perfect pixelated artwork for years. He always completes his artwork behind a mask, so as to not give away his identity. This project, entitled Space Invaders, is inspired by first-generation arcade games. The characters are made out of tiles cemented onto walls, and Invader has set up a scoring system for them, with each character rating between 10 and 50, depending on its size.

French artist Invader completes his 8-bit art behind a mask

39. Roadsworth

Peter Gibson, aka Roadsworth, started his street art journey painting the streets of Montreal. Initially motivated by a desire for more cycle paths in the city and a questioning of the world’s ‘car culture’ in general, the artist then moved on to urban landscapes and bigger, more ambitious projects – including the above Popsilos project. In 2004, Roadsworth was arrested and charged with 53 counts of mischief. Despite the heavy fines, he continued his street art quest. 

Popsilos brings an artistic twist to the ugliest of structures

40. Miina Akkijyrkka

Finnish sculptor Miina Akkijyrkka has a thing for cows. She scours her native country for used vehicles and turns them into these huge animal sculptures. The artist has been working her magic for an impressive 50 years.

Miina Äkkijyrkkä turns used vehicles into animal sculptures

To be continued..

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