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Street art.. most beautiful decoration on the common alleys, concrete buildings, river bridges, railway stations, trains… And it can be found all over the world. Street art comes in varying shapes and forms, from sculptures to“yarn bombing”,  and contains everything from graffiti fonts family to windows display and far more.

Here follows part 9 and the last one of the most popular graffiti around the globe:

41. Vhils

Alexandre Farto, who works under the moniker Vhils, is a street artist from Portugal. He creates his murals using a bas-relief carving technique that involves cutting either directly into walls or removing layers of advertising posters.

The above artwork, located in Sumatra, Indonesia, aims to raise awareness about a new species of an orangutan that has already become endangered due to unregulated palm oil farming and irresponsible construction in its natural habitat. This piece is part of Splash and Burn – an initiative that uses art as a way to draw attention to environmental issues.

Part of an initiative that uses art to campaign for environmental issues

42. The Glue Society

It’s so hot on Tamarama beach in Australia that this ice cream truck has melted! This brilliant street art sculpture was created by artists at The Glue Society. The installation, entitled Hot With The Chance of Late Storm, was displayed on the beach during the opening of the 10th annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibition back in 2006.

Grab a giant spoon ..

43. JR

French photographer and artist JR’s political street art began during the Paris riots of 2005. Angered by the way the areas involved were being presented in the media, he took photos of the residents pulling funny faces and flyposted them around the city.

His passion-filled, often didactic artwork has since appeared in deprived areas across the world, from the suburbs of Paris to the shantytowns of Rio. He’s also been arrested in China, and in 2011 was awarded the TED prize, worth $100,000.

Artist JR has been dubbed the ‘French Banksy’

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