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Street art.. most beautiful decoration on the common alleys, concrete buildings, river bridges, railway stations, trains… And it can be found all over the world. Street art comes in varying shapes and forms, from sculptures to“yarn bombing”,  and contains everything from graffiti fonts family to windows display and far more.

Here follows part 7 of the most popular graffiti around the globe:

31. EVOL

For his Buildings project, street artist EVOL transformed street furniture into miniature high-rise blocks, complete with graffiti and er, monsters. The German artist exhibits his work in warehouses as well as local streets for all to enjoy. The intricate detail of each piece is incredibly realistic, and it’s great to see something boring and functional turned into something that will put a smile on people’s faces.

Street art: EVOL transforms street furniture into mini-buildings

32. Guerrilla Crochet

It’s official – crochet is not just for grannies. Guerrilla crochet (or, in the UK, ‘yarn bombing’) has been causing a storm in recent years, with renegade street artists enveloping everyday street furniture in brightly colored woolly loveliness. One of the most prolific crochet street artists is Agata Oleksiak (aka Olek), who has covered everything from the Wall Street bull to London taxis.

Guerrilla Crochet has made crochet cool once more

33. Isaac Cordal

Like Slinkachu, Spanish artist Issac Cordal likes to work with little figures. Unlike the former, however, Cordal tends to take a more melancholy approach. Most of his street art represents the everyday businessman and their struggles to deal with the mundanity of everyday life.

Issac Cordal’s work exudes a strong sense of personal injustice

34. Ronzo

Independent artist Ronzo describes himself as ‘Vandal Extraordinaire’. On his site, he claims that he exists because “this fragile Earth deserves a voice”. We’re not quite sure what he means by that, but we like it.

The artist’s 2012 Birdz project saw colorful bird sculptures popping up on London’s Brick Lane as well as council estates, along with a graffiti mural of the ‘Olympic Bird’ and a ‘Credit Crunch Monster’ placed on a building overlooking The Old Truman Brewery.

Ronzo’s bird sculptures liven up mundane surroundings

35. Vj Suave

Vj Suave is a collaboration between artists Ygor Marotta, hailing from Brazil, and Cecilia Soloaga, from Argentina. The duo creates live visual performances using a mixture of character illustration, animation, and projection. The video shows a series of intricate designs and colorful characters coming to life and walking the streets. A truly unique street art event.

To be continued..

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