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Street art.. most beautiful decoration on the common alleys, concrete buildings, river bridges, railway stations, trains… And it can be found all over the world. Street art comes in varying shapes and forms, from sculptures to“yarn bombing”,  and contains everything from graffiti fonts family to windows display and far more.

Here follows part 2 of the most popular graffiti around the globe:

6. Mobstr

Famous for his fake posters, Mobster – multi-talented street artist. But the art we are really interested are his  “Progressions”. Progressions are documented series of photos where he plays fantastic mind games with the poor souls whose job it is to clean graffiti off the streets, using little more than stenciled letters.

Upon the Sighting of New Rendering charts Mobstr’s ongoing battle with the authorities

7. Smug

Smug is Glasgow-based street artist who is expert in photo realistic graffiti. Thanks to a council-funded mural initiative this Scottish city has become his infinite canvas. The artist has developed a unique and mesmerizing style – rendered entirely freehand after picking up a spray painting can over a decade ago. His diligent detailed work can be seen giving life to walls all over the UK and Europe, as well as Australia.

One of Smug’s Glaswegian pieces, gracing the city’s Castle Street

8.  Mario Celedon

Valparaiso, culture capital of Chile, where many artist live and work, including Mario Celedon. Mario became famous by his amazing street art, which contains colorful and comprehensive paintings. Of course his work can be seen at various locations at the city. “The steps” are one of his most popular work. 

Artist Mario Celedon’s intricate paintings can be seen all over the city of Valparaiso

9. Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic comes from Lithuania. This artist  brings fine art techniques to the great outdoors. Zacharevic’s experimentation’s remove all the restrictions of artistic boundaries by exploring a profusion of mediums, from installation and sculpture to oil paint, stencils and spray paint.

Now, he is based out of Penang, Malaysia. This artist first got the global attention in 2012 after creating a series of murals for Georgetown Festival, resulting in the BBC dubbing him Malaysia’s  Banksy. Since then, his Georgetown murals have become cultural landmarks and his work can be seen from Singapore to L.A.

One of Zacharevic’s Georgetown pieces

10. Peeta

Italian street artist Manuel Di Rita, who goes by the nickname Peeta, is known for his 3D graffiti. He use gradients of colour, his 2D street art gives off the impression of multiple dimensions, creating the illusion it is sculpture, rather than paint. His  graffiti are really inspired by from street art sculptures.

He first started crating street art in 1993. By now,  Peeta has traveled all around the world, spending a lot of time in Canada and the US. After gaining plenty of experience as a graffiti artist, he started painting canvases and now runs his own business selling canvases and sculptures.

One of Peeta’s 3D graffitti ‘sculptures’

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