Loop Color Metallic 400ml


Viva Italia in a can – The Loop Colors Can 400ml in more than 80 color variations.

– 400ml
– Acrylic Lacquer
– Satin finish (except LP-101/LP-105)
– High opacity
– Low atomization
– Uniformly very high color output
– Very easy to regulate
– Fast drying
– Sweet Pressure
– Compatible with standard spray attachments

Thanks to balanced pressure ratios (Sweet-Pressure), low atomization, and a specially developed valve, this spray can is the ideal tool for accurate and precise work – Not only for use in graffiti and art but also for decoration and DIY best suited. While Skinny Caps allow for a fine and detailed spray pattern, larger areas can be filled in a flash with e.g. the Super Fat Yellow Cap.

Loop Color Metallic 400ml