BAPE is notorious for being one busy brand, especially dropping collections on what feels like a weekly basis, and that sentiment will come full circle with its latest capsule collection.

The new “BUSY WORKS STORE” set, a tribute to A Bathing Ape’s original brick and mortar boutique locations worldwide, covers all the bases: tees, bucket hats (seen above), carabiners, rugs and even frisbees for a good dose of throwback playground nostalgia. The colors used play a big part in the appeal as well, with red, blue, yellow, green, purple, black and various shades across the spectrum incorporated into the design. From crib decor to wardrobe essentials, this is one well-rounded collection that doesn’t disappoint.

The BAPE “BUSY WORKS STORE” collection can be found at A Bathing Ape stores worldwide and online. See the offering below:

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