Ok. So this had to be done one day. I was planning to start a blog, write on topics that I love to read and talk to artists I admire a long time ago, so… that day has come.

Ruki. Graffiti artist, graphic designer, illustrator and one hell of a woman in all positive way.
You can’t walk in Skopje and not to see some pieces of her. She had multiple successful exhibitions so far and her style would take you on a trip down to the love ocean and make your day.

1. When and where did you first get up on a public surface?

Hmm, I believe early 2007 I did two “pieces” in one night 🙂 one in front of my building and the other one around the central park, so far one of my favorites.

2. What inspired you at the time?

The same as always, even now: love, music, people, colors, Skopje… mostly love.

3. Did you have any preferred surfaces back then?

No, not even today but I’ve always liked dirty surfaces.

4. Were you ever arrested?

No 🙂
I had a “night out” with the police while I was talking some weird things and having massive drunk arguments but the good part is that I didn’t get arrested 🙂

5. What percentage of your time is devoted to your art these days?

As a freelancer I spend more than 50% of my time to art or creating something, also my free time is somehow connected with art and the time spent with my daughter is usually a creative activity..so it’s here most of the time.
As a form of graffiti, I’m having a massive brake now and it’s really difficult to handle.

6. Any other passions?

Yes, everything connected with food – buying food, making food, cooking food 🙂
Collecting ugly toys in our shelter. My daughter’s books, soooo inspirational. Home decorating, changing everything almost every other week and bringing life into dead things/objects.

7. How do you feel about the movement of graffiti and street art into galleries?

I don’t feel anything about that now. If the galleries are existing spaces where you can go enjoy and talk with someone that you share the same passion I’m fine. At the end of the day, no one is forcing no one to put a piece into a gallery. We are changing, growing up, responsibilities are growing so I’m in a mood when I believe in someone’s decision.

8. What about the corporate world? Any feelings about working with it?

What I don’t like in that world is that usually (with exceptions) people don’t appreciate art or what you do for them, your time and your dedication. Most of them are just seeing you as one moving piece of cash, probably a coin.

9. Do you have a formal art education?

Yep. Faculty of Fine Arts!

10. Do you have a message you are interested in transmitting?

Hmm never deeply thought about it.. probably love what you do…it must be connected to love anyway 🙂 so far I love doers, so …if you love it, DO IT!

11. What Is the Artist’s Role in Society?

Are there any other people in the society? :))))

I think artist role is to put you on the ground while you can still dream and explore using your imagination, I know that sounds weird.
For me, artists, art, everything creative is my comfort zone which is making me feel free, natural, and that kind of surrounding is also the one who is giving me hope that we are not gonna be fucked up soon as civilization. Even if I was not part of that I would still hang out with those guys, it’s always comfortable, they are the loudest, they always say what they think, they drink a lot, they talk a lot, they love a lot..what’s not to like? :))

12. Any thoughts on the graffiti/ street art divide?

I don’t know.. I think everyone should do whatever they want. There is room for everyone in the world <3 so spread the love.

13. How’s life in London & what do you do there?

London is amazing! It’s like 10 different cities in one, you either love it or hate it, there is no in between.

I’m freelancing here, getting used to the shit weather, getting lost on my bicycle, eating weird food, raising my daughter in a city with almost 300 languages spoken, traveling, enjoying with my friends and family, meeting random people every day, talking on face-time when nostalgic…I think I live here so far 🙂

You can find Ruki’s work on her Website and follow her on Instagram.

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