“Hi! My name is!” – many introductions in the history have been started with this famous opening line, that rocket the Slim Shady into the rap history, bringing Eminem aka Marshall Mathers along for the ride.

“The Slim Shady LP” was released 20 years ago, and, the singer says, he’s marking the anniversary by reissuing the album, with added bonus tracks.

Speaking mostly through his alter ego, a character he dubbed Slim Shady, Eminem present us a knife-edged wit and deep dips into his own turbulent psyche and domestic life. In its blurring of fantasy and reality, the album provoked accusations of homophobia and glorification of drugs and violence.

Produced by hip-hop titans Dr. Dre and Detroit’s aspiring Bass Brothers, it was a pop crossover smash and a glimpse of rap brilliance.

“The Slim Shady LP” — the album that was sold out in 5.5 million copies in the US and amass solid reviews — jump-started his fame, launch him into pop culture prominence. When the album was released the 26-year-old Eminem, who became the most famous rapper of all times, was still living in a trailer.

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