22 years after Biggie was murdered on March 9, 1997, while leaving an after party for the 11th Annual Soul Train Music Awards in Los Angeles. That night, he was performing one of his biggest hits “One More Chance (Remix)” and the Junior M.A.F.I.A. posse cut “Get Money.” Who would have thought that that would be his last time ever performing on a stage, but he surely was looking extra dapper in a black tux and top hat to match. His style remains memorable through all these years and well preserved from his and followed from his fans.

Take a look to some of his most memorable fashion statements and how you can still cop that iconic looks today:


There’s probably no other brand that B.I.G. is associated with as much as he is to COOGI. Whether for ugly sweater parties, a ’90s-themed kickback or just to stay cozy down to the socks, you can still pull this look off.


This was a popular hat during the 1990s that fit Biggie’s mafioso rap persona to a tee. As the 504 is just as iconic to the Kangol brand as B.I.G. is to Hip-Hop, it’ll always be a fashion statement that you can rock “on and on and on and…” just like his flow on “Nasty Boy.”


Sure, the King of Brooklyn would be rocking one of the rarest BAPE pieces before the BAPE trend even made it big in America. The iconic Japanese streetwear retailer re-released this same jacket last season, so it’s clearly still a favorite amongst Ape Heads even after all these years.


BIG had such an impact on Versace that the luxury fashion house gave him the ultimate tribute by re-releasing the frames he made notoriously popular — they even named it the “Biggie Frame.”


Biggie in no way started the Wheat Timbs movement, but it was definitely a rare occasion where he wasn’t rocking a fresh pair. We wonder how funny he would’ve thought all these “NYC Timbs” memes are.


Either he predicted the trend would be popular in the current menswear cycle — remember Pusha T in Prada last year? — or he was simply just always in summer mode. We’ll go with the latter, but BIG made these look fly then and even now.


Straight off his last living appearance on the cover of The Source (Issue #91), Biggie went out on a truly classic note, and we’re proud to have this one in the vault. Nothing is more traditional than a two-piece suit, and given his larger-than-life persona and size alike, The Notorious B.I.G. rocked it just as well as he did with a mic. Forever missed; forever fly.

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