Street Art is still a boys’ club? I don’t think so! There are many talented street artists around the world who are women … and the aliases they use don’t always speak to their gender.

Here are 20 female artists with incredible talent who are breaking the stereotype!

11. Indigo is a visual artist, writer and dancer currently bouncing between Vancouver and Cape Town.

12. Bambi: a woman street artist they dubbed “the female Banksy.”

13. Magrela Brazilian street artist from Sao Paulo

14. Shamsia Hassani is an artist born in 1988, Teheran, Iran and living Kabul.

15. Alice Mizrachi is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist and educator working in the mediums of painting, murals, and installation.

16. Natalia Rak  is a Poland based street artist born in 1986.

17. Btoy  is a stencil artist from Barcelona.

18. Amara por Dios Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988, she  Lives and works in London/Stockholm

19. Panmela Castro born 26 June 1981, also known as Anarkia Boladona, is a Brazilian artist who utilizes graffiti as a platform to raise awareness on women’s rights

20. Btoy is an artist who lives and works in Barcelona. Her work has been heavily influenced by photography, a craft she studied for years.


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